Bazi Suanming Counsellor Course

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Bazi Suanming Counsellor of the IATCA®

New online course based on the IATCA® Counsellor Course taught in Germany, Austria, Russia, Switzerland and Portland, Oregon at the National University of Natural Medicine - College of Classical Chinese Medicine. Taught by the renowned sinologist and author Dr. Manfred Kubny.

The professional training course comprises a well-founded introduction and instruction in the calculation and interpretation of Bazi Suanming, or as it is known in the West, “Four Pillar Astrology” or “Four Pillars of Destiny”. In China and Taiwan the method is better known as Bazi Suanming which literally translates as “Calculation of Destiny/Fate/Life according to the Eight Characters”. 

Bazi Suanming is an ancient Chinese and incredibly precise science for the analysis of human nature, the character of an individual and his development over the entire life-span. It is a technique that is well documented in the literature since the 10th century A.D. which up to this day is disseminated widely in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and also Japan. In Europe very few specialists are able to interpret it in a comprehensive way.

The course will be delivered in English in 15 Parts covering over 80 Modules of information. Each part consists of a set of modules with multiple movies. Each part will be available on a pedagogic schedule to give you enough time to properly absorb the material (every 1-2 weeks).

Modules include all ways of calculation and all techniques and measurements used to detect the “operative consciousness” (yong shen), the “desiring consciousness” (xi shen) and the “neglecting consciousness” (ji shen), which are the key terms and important result of all calculations. An interpretation of a Bazi-chart is not possible without detecting the “operative consciousness”. While learning this instrument, the first rules of interpretation will be gradually introduced.

The 12 Life Palaces, which are described as the "compass" or the "cartography" of the Bazi landscape for consulting the client, is another important instrument discussed.

Later Modules include the different ways of applying rules and interpretation of typical questions or topics uttered by the clients during the consulting session. For example: Bazi consultations for development of or for a decision to choose out a Bazi confirmed profession are structured in a different way and use other technical instruments and rules than when consulting for partnership and marriage. The Bazi-chart is therefore a room with different doors, which the expert has to use differently for consulting a specific topic. 

IATCA® Certification awarded on successful completion of the course.


Welcome to the Course
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Course Curriculum
Content: Modules 1-3
Lesson 1: Traditional Chinese Life Sciences
Lesson 2: Fate Science & Chinese Prognosis Techniques
Lesson 3: Basics of a Bazi Chart
Content: Modules 4-12
Lesson 1: Bazi Suanming, Lu, Luming, Sanming
Lesson 2: Origin, history and development of Bazi Suanming
Lesson 3: Qi, Yin Yang, Sancai, Wuxing, HsEb, 60 HsEb Combinations
Lesson 4: Chinese Calendar: Wannianli
Lesson 5: Calendar-Inner Parts / Bazi Calculation - First Steps / Exercise of 3 Samples
Content: Module 13
Lesson 1: Ziping Zhenzhu
Lesson 2: Ziping Siyan Jiye & Qiongtong Baojian
Lesson 3: Di Tian Sui Chan Wei - Ren Tieqiao
Lesson 4 Xu Lewu & Yuan Shushan
Content: Extra: Theory of the Basic Disposition
Message from Dr. Kubny
Lesson 1: Theory of the Basic Disposition
Lesson 2: Continued - Theory of the Basic Disposition
REVIEW Lesson 1 (different recording)
Content Modules: 14-16
COMING Lesson 1: Theory of the Heavenly Stems and their Interactions
COMING Lesson 2: Theory of the Earthly Branches and their Interactions
COMING Lesson 3: The Enhancement of the BD by the Hidden Heavenly Stems

What's included

  • 20 Video Lessons
  • 8 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

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with Manfred Kubny

Dr. Manfred Kubny is a renowned sinologist in the field of Traditional Chinese Life Sciences, having focused his academic studies since the 80s on classical Chinese language, history, literature, theory and practice in this area. 

Manfred Kubny was born in 1959 and obtained a PhD in sinology from Ludwig-Maximilian University (LMU) at Munich, Germany (with major in sinology and minors in japanology and the history of medicine). He has additional studies in musicology.

He is the director of the International Academy for Traditional Chinese Applications (IATCA), and is a research fellow at the Horst-Görtz Foundation for the Theory, History and Ethics of Chinese Life Sciences. Dr. Kubny is also a visiting professor at the National University of Natural Medicine - College of Classical Chinese Medicine in Portland (Oregon) USA since 2008.

Dr. Kubny is an expert in the history, theory and practice of the Traditional Chinese Sciences, specializing in Fate Science. He is fluent in Chinese and has been initiated into the methods of Taiji Quan, Feng Shui, and Traditional Chinese Astrology (Bazi Suanming) by Chinese masters.

He is one of the few Western experts able to read and interpret the visionary texts of classical and modern Chinese literature in the original language. As a result of 10 years of research in the original Chinese sources, Dr. Kubny created the very first textbook of Bazi Suanming in any Western language.

IATCA®, The International Academy for Traditional Chinese Astrology, was founded by Dr. Manfred Kubny in 2003.

IATCA® is renown throughout the world as the provider for the theory and practice of the Traditional Chinese Sciences. The philosophy of the IATCA® is to transfer the contents of Chinese know-how as unadulterated as possible and as close as possible to the meaning of the Chinese original source into Western languages. Dr. Kubny produces works with the seal of professional and cultural authenticity.